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The electrical QA/QC course from SMEClabs will make you a competent professional in the electrical sector. Quality control and quality analysis play a major role in the electrical sector. Electrical QA/QC is required in the Electrical and Electronics sector, Instrumentation sector, Automation sector, and also in many other industrial fields. There are several opportunities for Electrical QA/QC all around the world. The electrical sector is an industrial field in which the opportunities are high. In case there is any minor variation then it could lead to several damages and sometimes it could cost lives too. Electrical installation should be done by considering several government standards and we will train you in all of this. Quality control is the process of maintaining the quality during the installation. All these installed equipment must be maintained and serviced throughout its operation and it is called quality assurance.
“Best Certified Electrical QA QC Course No1 Training Center with 100% placement assistance Learn from 23 years experienced institute AutoCAD”

What will i learn?


  • PC with Headphones


Our Vision is to empower individuals with technical expertise to overcome the industrial challenges in any dynamic field and enable them to excel in a rapidly advancing world.

The program curriculums have been designed in accordance with the industrial requirements and in collaboration with academia and industry practitioners. The training faculties provide maximum guidance and support to the students throughout the course thereby enabling them to complete the programs successfully within the stipulated course duration. The programs are taught both online and offline, as per the student requirement. We provide 100% placement assistance to the participants that successfully complete the programs.




Skill level


Expiry period

12 Months

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