Course description

A Solar Panel Design Course typically provides a comprehensive understanding of the design of solar PV systems, their installation, and related safety measures. Here's a possible outline:

Introduction to Solar Panels: Understanding basics of solar energy, different types of solar panels, and how they work.

Principles of PV Panel System Design: In-depth look at the function and specification of each component such as solar PV modules, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and wiring.

Site Assessment and Energy Analysis: Techniques for assessing a site for solar viability, estimating solar radiation, and calculating energy requirements.

Design and Sizing of a Solar PV System: This includes understanding the steps in designing a solar PV system, determining the number of solar panels required, specifying appropriate solar inverter, and calculating the battery storage requirement.

Grid-Connected and Off-Grid Systems: Differences, components, and design considerations for grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems.

Safety Considerations and Installation Best Practices: Learning about safety precautions during installation, operation, and maintenance of solar PV system.

Policies, Incentives, and Financing: Overview of supportive government policies, incentives, and various financial models for solar projects.

Software for Solar Design: Familiarizing students with software tools that help in designing, analyzing, and simulating solar PV systems.

At the end of this course, students should be proficient in designing effective and efficient solar PV systems tailored to specific requirements and circumstances. This course might also include a hands-on component, where students could design their own solar PV system.

What will i learn?

  • Solar Project Engineer
  • Solar Consultant
  • Solar Design Engineer
  • Solar Engineer
  • Solar Installation Technician
  • Solar Installation Foreman
  • Solar Designer
  • Solar Technician


  • Headphone + Pc + Virtual Practice

Frequently asked question

Solar PV system includes different components that should be selected according to your system type, site location and applications. The major components for solar PV system are solar charge controller, inverter, battery bank, auxiliary energy sources and loads (appliances).


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