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The visualization of a developed nation brings into our minds with visuals of skyscrapers, national express high ways, monuments, uber construction sites that looks impossible, stadiums that look like art, dams, airports, shipyards, pipelines, sewage systems, industries, and other daily commutation and life-supporting infrastructures. A well planned, designed, estimated, and executed construction with precise calculation turns out to be a miracle when brought into life in a combined effort of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. A Civil Engineers' job still not gets done, periodic monitoring and maintenance of the infrastructure understanding its life, and maintaining its quality overages to make it safe for generations to come is also Civil Engineer's duty. The main pillars of a successful Civil Engineer are to validate a well-planned design, precise Survey and Estimation, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control. SMEClabs delivers you world’s best combo for an ever booming career in Civil Engineering.

What will i learn?

  • Certified Civil QA QC NDT Engineer
  • Certified Civil Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Certified Civil Quality Control Engineer
  • Certified Civil Non Destructive Tester
  • Civil Lab Tests
  • Checklist for Civil QA QC


  • PC with Headphones
  • Basic Qualification to join in the Course is +2
  • Most suitable candidates are the ones who completed Mechanical /Civil / EEE / E and I Engineering (B Tech / BE) and also the one Completed Diploma in Mechanical /Civil / EEE / E and I Engineering
  • Don’t worry if you have +2 or any other graduation as your qualification. Our faculties are capable to make you understand and they are capable of qualifying you in all respects
  • Should be Enthusiastic to Learn Building Construction

Civil Architect

Chinnu Gigi



Shaveen Hussein



the Lectures should be attached in PDF within the videos.

danish Anjum



5 Out of 5

Midhun Om






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